Author Says Trump's Golf Caddies Told Him They Cheat for Him in New Book

Writer Rick Reilly got down to the bottom of the president's golf game for his new book.

President Trump's caddies cheat for him when he's playing golf, according to the author of a new book.

The president owns 17 courses around the world, and since taking office, he's played a whopping 182 times.

Now, sports writer Rick Reilly's book, "Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump," takes a deep look into the president's game, and what it reveals is telling.

"He wins every time. He has to win," Reilly told Inside Edition. "He really needs for you to think he is a champion."

But the president gets a little help, according to Reilly, who says he interviewed several of Trump's caddies for his book.

"I asked them, 'Does the president cheat?' and they all said, 'No, he doesn't cheat, we cheat for him,'" he said.

Inside Edition spoke to Reilly at the Westdrift Golf Course in Manhattan Beach, California, where he spoke about the president's interesting approach to chipping.

"So Donald Trump hates to chip, he's a terrible chipper," said Reilly. "What he did was ... he put the ball in his hand, did a fake air chip and goes, 'Oh my God! I think I made it!'"

Reilly said the president, who still had the ball hidden in his hand, then ran up to the hole and shouted, "I made it!" He said the president then put his hand in the hole and pretended to pull the ball from it, even though it had been in his hand the whole time.

Reilly says even water isn't a hazard for the president.

"He hit his drive way right into the lake," Reilly said. "They see the splash. But he's way ahead of everyone else. .... By the time they get up to him, the ball is on the fairway. They go, 'Mr. Trump, we saw the splash, what happened?' He said, 'I don't know, it must have been the tide.' A tide? In a pond? But he hit his next shot and made par. That's how he is."

Reilly, who once played a round with the president, took a year to research the book, which came out earlier this month.

Click here for an excerpt from "Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump."