Ayesha Curry Defends Her Son's Weight Against Body-Shaming Instagram User

The mom wasn't having people talk about her son.
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Ayesha Curry was displeased with comment and made it known.

Ayesha Curry wasn’t having it when a social media user tried to criticize her 10-month-old son’s weight. 

Curry, who has three children with NBA star Steph Curry, was not pleased when someone on Instagram wrote, “Maybe portion-control his food a [bit]” on one of Curry’s family posts with little Canon in it. 

“Excuse You? No Just no” Curry responded to the body-shaming comment.

The user’s comment was in response to another user asking if the entrepreneur and chef was pregnant again, to which she responded, “absolutely not LOL. My 30lb son is just breaking my back in every photo."

Other commenters came to Canon’s defense, calling the comment “disgusting.”

“Chubby babies are the cutest,” another person wrote

The comment has since been deleted, according to reports.