Baby Found Alive in Plastic Bag Is Home With Foster Family

Little India is doing great as inquiries to adopt her flood in.

Baby India, the infant found abandoned in a plastic bag, is doing great. 

India was just hours old when she was discovered tied up inside a bag left under some leaves in Forsyth County, Georgia. 

Today, she's said to be thriving, living with a foster family while officials screen the hundreds of people who've asked to adopt her. 

The state's Division of Family and Children Services has said they would prefer the family that takes India to live in Georgia.

Many people want sheriff's deputy Terry Roper, whose bodycam captured the heartbreaking moment India was found, to adopt the child.

Roper went back to the hospital the night after she was found just to hold her. 

Judging by all this reaction, India will be happy wherever she lands.