Baby Tigers and Mom Get Treated to Early Christmas Presents

It helps with animal behavior.

These baby tigers are revving up for the holidays with early Christmas presents.

Maruschka and her four cubs, Mischka, Vitali, Anushka and Dasha, stormed their enclosure at Tierpark und Tropen-Aquarium Hagenbeck in Germany once they spotted the colorful Christmas boxes filled with treats. 

Since cubs are usually careful and often seeking protection behind their mother, Maruschka gets the box open and grabs the large meat that's inside.

Zookeepers are constantly developing new and exciting tasks for tigers. Placing the boxes contributed to behavioral enrichment for the animals, teaching them that they have to work for their food in different ways.

This trains the mind, stimulates unusual movements and keeps instincts and sensory organs awake, the zoo stated.