Baby Was Carried by Surrogate 51-Year-Old Grandma After Mom Struggled With Infertility

After Breanna Lockwood struggled with infertility and suffered several miscarriages, her 51-year-old mother Julie Loving stepped in to be a surrogate.

After one woman struggled with infertility and suffered several miscarriages, her 51-year-old mother stepped in to be a surrogate. Breanna Lockwood’s mother Julie Loving came up with the idea after her doctor suggested surrogacy.

“You feel so helpless, because you want to help your kids when they're having a hard time and struggling. And with something like that, you really can’t do anything, you can't help them,” Loving told Inside Edition.

At first, Lockwood was in disbelief at her mom’s offer.

“I just laughed. I just kind of brushed it off and was like, ‘Mom, no you're crazy. That's not possible,” Lockwood said.

But Loving was serious. A fit marathon runner, she was medically cleared to carry her grandchild and began taking hormones. Using one of her daughter and her daughter's husband Aaron’s embryos, she became pregnant on the first try. The last time she was pregnant was in 1990.

The family soon learned they’d be having a little girl. The pregnancy had no complications. On Nov. 2, grandma gave birth to little Briar Juliette, with Breanna at her side.

“Hearing her cry for the first time, I just had tears streaming down my face. I don’t think anybody in that room wasn't crying,” the new mom continued.

And there are special perks to being grandma.

“Mom is enjoying her full night's sleep and we're enjoying our sleepless nights, for sure,” Breanna said.

“I'm really enjoying the grandma life,” Loving added.

Breanna says her mom gave her the “biggest blessing we could ever ask for.”

Loving lives just 15 minutes away and visits her daughter and the baby every single day.