Bank Customer at ATM Attacked by Ax-Wielding Man in New York City

The suspect has been charged with attempted murder, while the victim remains in intensive care. A security expert tells Inside Edition what precautions one should take while taking money out from an ATM.

A horrific attack on a man using an ATM machine in New York City was captured on surveillance video. The suspect entered the vestibule with an ax and began brutally attacking the customer.

The stunned victim tried to shield himself as he was hit repeatedly with the hatchet. The attacker smashed the cash machines and threw the weapon to the floor as he left. 

The nightmare happened at a bank in Manhattan’s financial district.

The 51-year-old victim is in intensive care. The suspect was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

Inside Edition security consultant Steve Kardian says there are steps you can take when you take money out of an ATM.

“Your safety begins outside. You want to make sure that there’s nobody lurking about. You want to look inside, peek inside before you go in. Make sure there’s not somebody in there sleeping, somebody in there loitering," Kardian said.

Kardian showed Inside Edition correspondent Ann Mercogliano what to do if you are attacked. Watch the video in the player above to find out.

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