Barista Shows How to Make the Infamous 13-Ingredient Starbucks Drink Known as the 'Edward'

The Edward has 13 ingredients and got a barista fired when he complained about the over-the-top drink on social media.

It’s the Starbucks order heard ‘round the internet. The Edward has 13 ingredients and got a barista fired when they complained about the over-the-top beverage on social media. But just for fun, Inside Edition asked another barista, Brett Danger of Tanner’s Coffee Company, to show how it’s made.

“Right today, we're going to be making the Edward, but as I would like to call it the Edweird because I don't get it,” Brett Danger said.

According to the barista, the first ingredient in the drink is bananas. “We're going to start with the bananas because there's five of them. And either there was a banana deficiency or a potassium deficiency, or they really liked bananas, or they liked the texture that it gives them,” he said. “I would say probably one will give it that creamy texture that you desire. Five is going to increase volume. It's also going to give the barista that German Shepherd head-tilt.”

The next ingredient is extra caramel drizzle. “And when someone says they want extra caramel drizzle, what they really mean is they want it to be murdered with caramel,” Brett adds.

After that, he adds cinnamon syrup, caramel crunch, a pump of honey, extra coffee, extra ice, frappe chips, and heavy cream.

But that’s not all: the Edward is double-blended. “So you get double-blended, one because it does make it smoother and have a better consistency,” Brett points out.  “But also, when you have this much stuff, you got to double-blend it, or else it's going to kind of have like a cottage-cheese look, where it's blended but it doesn't flow.” 

After that, he adds caramel crunchies, salt, and whipped cream. “Bam. All right, here we go. Ladies and gentlemen, that looks really good,“ Brett says.

Brett says that the drink is a little less than $15, and there was enough to make three 24-ounce cups. “But when you spend 15 bucks on this,” he points out, “please bring enough to still tip your barista.”

And when this barista was asked if there are some ways to improve the Edward, he had a few ideas. “I would do one half or one banana. Heavy cream is fine. I'd probably, I would cold brew. Not frappé roast or espresso. Or actually, here's what I would do — I would do no coffee, but I would do two shots of espresso affogato, kind of sounds like avocado, where you put them on top, and then it kind of sinks down into the bottom. So that way when you blend it, and you can't pour the extra out, they don't pour any of your espresso.”

He lastly adds, “There you have it. The Brett. The Brett Danger.”

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