Starbucks Barista Fired for Posting 13-Ingredient Drink on Social Media Meets Man Who Ordered It

The recipe went viral after Josie Morales posted the long drink order on Twitter.

Josie Morales was working at Starbucks when an order came in for a 13-ingredient drink that’s making baristas' heads spin. 

Morales posted the recipe, which includes five bananas, caramel drizzle, whipped cream, seven pumps of dark caramel sauce, and one pump honey blend, on Twitter, captioning it, “On today’s episode of why I wanna quit my job.”

The recipe quickly went viral. Suddenly, customers everywhere were ordering “The Edward” — the original customer’s name — and in the process, annoying Starbucks baristas everywhere.

Morales ended up being fired for violating the company’s social media policy, but he said he has no regrets, “because I feel like it brought some light upon how crazy orders can be.”

Inside Edition also caught up with Edward himself.

“People are going to look at this and say what kind of a jerk orders something like this from a barista, a hard-working barista, at Starbucks?” Inside Edition’s Lisa Guerrero asked him.

“I don’t consider myself a jerk, especially if you tip well. So, you know, a $5 tip, I feel like that’s probably almost 30%,” Edward said.

Our cameras were there when the now ex-barista met Edward for a friendly meeting after that jaw-dropping order.

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