Beirut Explosion Victims Include 4-day-Old Baby With Glass Embedded in Skull

Beirut explosion victims include a 4-day-old baby with glass embedded in her head.

The Lebanese capital of Beirut struggled Thursday with an avalanche of victims from this week's massive blast that killed more than 100.

A 4-day-old infant was one of its tiniest survivors. The baby, named Sophie, was injured by flying glass, which penetrated her skull. Her anxious mother could be seen hovering as newborn fought for her life.

Volunteers wearing masks and armed with brooms arrived to begin cleaning up mountains of debris left from Tuesday's explosion in Beirut's port, the cause of which remains under investigation.

Hospitals overflowed with the wounded, and some patients had to be turned away. Air lifts of aid began arriving, bringing food and medical supplies.

A young bride seen being buffeted by the blast has been identified as a 29-year-old doctor from Michigan who flew to Beirut last month for her wedding. Israa Seblani was posing for a video when the explosion roared across the city.

“One thing came into my mind: Now you are going to die,” she told The New York Times.