Bentley the Dog, Who Refused to Leave Store at Closing, Was Safely Brought Home

Florida Dog Refuses to Leave Dollar General Store
Bradenton Police Department

Florida police were met with a furry little “customer” who refused to leave a store at closing time.

When workers at a Dollar General in Bradenton, Florida, tried to close shop, they were faced with a customer that did not want to leave: Bentley, the pup.

On June 7, Bradenton Police officers received a call about a “customer” that simply would not leave. 

They were met with Bentley, who wandered away from home and, according to a tweet from the police station, spent hours wandering around the store.

Some folks on Twitter found some humor and warmth in the situation. “He was enjoying the a/c,” one user wrote. Another said, “Now that is the sweetest customer I have ever seen! What a cutie!”

The dog’s owners were found and the officers returned him home.


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