Best Friends Who Bonded Over Being Adopted Find Out They Are Biological Sisters After Taking DNA Test

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Two best friends learned after almost a decade of friendship that their strong resemblance and, perhaps in part, their unbelievable bond, is because they are, in fact, biological sisters. 

The duo found out the exciting news after taking an at-home DNA test that revealed that they were sisters, and only 17 months apart. Julie Tinetti is the big sister. And, Cassandra Madison is the little sister.

Their friendship started in 2013 when they met while they were both working in a Connecticut bar. Each of the girls shared their stories of being adopted from the Dominican Republic and being raised by a single parent, which gave them an instant connection.

“I think adoptees understand other adoptees more than someone who's not adopted. So it was just kind of like, 'Sweet! I have somebody who understands,'” Cassandra said.

Using a 23andMe DNA Test, Cassandra, who was welcomed into a large loving family, said she started the search for her birth family two years ago. Once she learned from her biological father that there was another little girl he gave up for adoption, Cassandra said she jumped in her car and drove from her home in Virginia to Connecticut. 

“She was psycho,” said Julia with a laugh. “She put it in my face and said, ‘Spit in this right now.'”

A late night phone call in January confirmed Cassandra’s hunch after all.

Julia said, “Cassie, I am in fact your biological sister.” 

Cassandra and Julia learned they had several siblings. Though they were the only two to be placed for adoption, the sisters said they held no grudges. “Julia and I are not upset with our biological parents. We understand that they did the best they could with what they had,” Cassandra said. 

She added: “It’s very surreal. My nephew comes up to me and he's like, 'Tia, tia, tia!' And I'm like, 'That's me!' He's talking to me. We actually look a lot alike, too. We all look alike.”


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