'Beverly Hillbillies' Mansion Is a Bargain at Just $195 Million

The price of the most expensive home on sale in America dropped by $50 million.

The price of the most expensive home on sale in America has just dropped by $50 million, now making it $195 million. 

The mansion was featured on the classic sitcom “Beverly Hillbillies” and has been on the market for nearly two years. It started off at $350 million in 2017, making it the most expensive home on sale but did not get a single bite. It has slowly dropped its price since it was initially listed. 

“The new price is way more in line with what's going on today in the market than where they were,” said “Million Dollar Listing” host Josh Altman. 

The Chartwell Estate, as it is known, features a tennis court, a 12,000-bottle wine cellar and a 40-car garage. It also boasts 11 rooms and 18 bathrooms, and offers panoramic views of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean on a clear day. 

The 10-acre property was built in 1935 and has become a landmark of pop culture thanks to it being featured on the iconic television show

“I think that estate is worth every single penny,” Altman added. 

The asking price today is still 15 times the amount it was purchased for in 1986.