Real Estate Sign Swallowed Up By Superstorm Sandy Washes Ashore in France

Superstorm Sandy sent this real estate sign across the pond.
This New Jersey real estate sign is a long, long way from home.Diane Turton Realtors

A New Jersey real estate agent learns her missing lawn sign is in Bordeaux, France.

In all the chaos of Superstorm Sandy, one lonely real estate sign was ripped from a Jersey Shore lawn and churned out to sea, where it rolled and bobbed all the way to France.

More than five years after the devastating tempest touched U.S. soil, part of a Diane Turton Realtors  sign washed up on the Plage du Pin Sec, near Bordeaux. 

Hannes Frank, 64, a semiretired software consultant, was walking in the sand when he saw the battered placard. He sent an email to the realty company saying he'd found the signpost and offered to send photos, though "it's not in the best shape after that crossing," he wrote, according to The New York Times.

At first, staff at the realty office thought the note was a joke. Then they remembered a solitary sign that went missing in the area when Sandy hit. 

 "Having our signage wash up in France on the beach truly proves that Diane Turton Realtors is a global real estate company," the firm said in a Facebook post.