Beware the Funk in the Frunk! Disgusting Smell From Electric Car's Front Trunk Overpowers Rental Driver

Tesla Frunk
The trunk of Tesla's Model 3 is located in ... the front. Tesla

A car renter learned the hard way that electric vehicles have all sorts of differences from regular cars, including the trunk's location.

If you're going to rent an electric vehicle, be advised they have several idiosyncrasies not found in regular cars.

There is the absence of a gas tank and the need for recharging the car, of course. There's also the location of the trunk, which is in the front. Hence the name "frunk."

And should you rent a Tesla, for example, remember to check the frunk.

Retired Atlanta resident Marc Froemelt learned that lesson after renting a Tesla Model 3 at LaGuardia Airport in New York.

He was driving with his mother-in-law when a horrible smell engulfed the car, he told The Wall Street Journal.

After locating the front trunk, he discovered the source. Someone had forgotten to unload groceries from a Costco trip. 

A 10-pound piece of meat was rotting in the frunk, giving off a rancid odor.

Froemelt exchanged his Tesla for a non-smelly one. But the experience hasn't turned him against electric cars.

"I’m buying a Tesla,” he told the media outlet.

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