'Bird Box' Challenge: People Try to Do Things Blindfolded, Inspired by Netflix Horror Movie

It's harder than it looks.

Netflix’s buzzy new horror film “Bird Box” has people online attempting a new kind of challenge: going about everyday tasks blindfolded.

In the movie, Sandra Bullock's character is forced to wear a blindfold in order to keep monsters away as she navigates spooky woods and a dangerous river while trying to save her children.

The fright flick has spawned the internet sensation known as the #BirdBoxChallenge, with some people poking fun at the film.

One photo shows a blindfolded family is paddling for dear life in their bathtub  In another instance, women traverse an escalator while blindfolded.

Others are making videos going about their daily lives blindfolded. 

Netflix itself is stirring up controversy after claiming that 45 million accounts have already watched "Bird Box," giving it the best first seven days ever for a Netflix film. 

However, critics question how the company, which is notoriously guarded with its data, came up with the figure.