Black Friday Hacks to Make Your Shopping Spree Extra Fruitful

Inside Edition spoke to an expert for tips on how to get the most out of Black Friday.

It is officially the holiday shopping season and Inside Edition has hacks to make your time at the store less hectic

Inside Edition hit the mall with retail expert Trae Bodge, who said you should consider shopping before Black Friday.

“There are a lot of early deals. A lot of retailers are trying to get you to shop with them right now,” she told Inside Edition, adding that she advises not going to the store alone.

"It's really good to bring a friend to divide and conquer, so if you go into a store and there's a lot of deals you want to take advantage of, you go to one end, your friend goes to the other and you're done in half the time," she said.

Bodge wants consumers to keep an eye out for particularly great deals.

“My advice is to focus on the categories that are the most deeply discounted on Black Friday, which would be electronics, apparel and beauty deals, that's where you're gonna find the best bang for your buck on Black Friday," she said.

Hitting the stores can be a headache as malls get packed, so Bodge advises bringing your own bag to help you navigate in and out of places. 

It's also tempting to buy something for yourself while out shopping for others. Don't be afraid to indulge that urge, Bodge said.

“I'm not one to encourage selfish shopping, but Black Friday is such a great sale day. Think about some things you need for your home, things you need for yourself,” she said. “The stores really want you to come in and shop, so they want to make it worth your while not only for holiday shopping but shopping for yourself too.”