Paw & Order: 'Armed and Delicious' Turkey Chases Police Cruiser

He was later captured and placed in "protective custody."

Police in Massachusetts are looking for a turkey who is considered “armed and delicious.”

The aggressive turkey was captured on camera chasing a police cruiser in Pittsfield after the bird allegedly attempted to jump into the car. 

“Normally, people are running away from it, not running toward us,” Officer Darren Derby of the Pittsfield Police Department told “It was a little bit shocking to see that on video.”

Apparently it isn’t the first time officers have seen that particular turkey. He’s allegedly bothered the elderly in the neighborhood.

“The turkey has been around for, I think, about a year,” Derby said.

The community even developed a nickname for the bird, “Lurky Turkey.”

Authorities said the bird was captured and placed in “protective custody” just ahead of Thanksgiving.