Woman Shaken After Wild Turkey Crashes Through Car's Windshield

The driver suffered facial injuries as a result of broken glass.

A Missouri woman says she is lucky to be alive after a flying turkey smashed through her windshield, leaving her bruised and bloodied.

Pam Standfield was on her way to a Walmart store outside Springfield Friday when the 20-pound turkey appeared out of nowhere.

"It came through and it hit my face dead-on," she said. "I had glass all in my eyes, I had glass in my lips, all in my ears, all in my face."

She said she was "knocked out for a good 30 seconds."

Standfield suffered a concussion and cuts to her face. She's still taking medication for pain.

“I'm in recovery," she said. "I feel all right. I mean, I could be better, but I could be a lot worse." 

Standfield was sitting in the front passenger seat of Vicki Wood’s car. Vicki was driving, and her son, Dustin, who is Standfield’s boyfriend, was sitting in the backseat, according to reports. 

Vicki Wood’s face was also cut by the glass, according to reports. 

Emergency responders took both women to a hospital. 

Dustin Wood only had some pieces of glass in his knee, according to reports. 

The freak accident left a gaping hole in the windshield and shattered glass everywhere. The turkey did not survive. 

“I am extremely grateful to be alive," she said. "I am blessed beyond belief." 

Wild turkeys can weigh up to 30 pounds with a wingspan of four-and-a-half feet. They usually fly close to the ground, leaving motorists vulnerable.

Following the incident, Standfield posted images of the accident and the aftermath on Facebook.