Blake Leibel Gets Life in Prison After Girlfriend's Murder That Mirrored Plot of His Graphic Novel

The gruesome murder written into the pages of Leibel's graphic novel played out in real life with the killing of his girlfriend, who had given birth to their child weeks earlier.

The man known as the “Graphic Novel Killer” has been sentenced in the torture killing of his model girlfriend in a California courtroom Tuesday. 

Blake Leibel, 37, is co-creator of a graphic novel in which a young woman is savagely slain. He co-wrote the gruesome comic book and then murdered his fiancée in a chillingly similar way.

The cover of the book, "Syndrome," shows a baby with its brain exposed.

When Leibel's girlfriend gave birth to their child, prosecutors say he grew jealous of the attention she lavished on the baby.

He tortured Iana Kasian, 30, to death in the couple's West Hollywood apartment in May 2016. 

Even more gruesome, he actually had food delivered as she lay dying in the bedroom.

Prosecutors say his girlfriend's killing "followed a script" from Leibel's comic book. 

A frame from the graphic novel shows a murder victim on a bloody mattress while a police photo from the real-life crime scene also shows a bloody mattress.

Leibel showed no emotion as he was convicted of murder and other charges last week. 

At his sentencing yesterday, the victim's grieving mother, Olga, who is from Ukraine, spoke through an interpreter. 

“This monster ruined our life," she said. 'Ruined the life of his family."

She also had a message for others in the courtroom.

“When you go home, hug your children," she said. "It is the biggest happiness that you can have, that I am unfortunately deprived of."

Leibel was sentenced to life without parole.

The prosecutor says the sentence is of little consolation to the victim's loved ones.

The couple's baby is now being cared for by Olga.