Blind Fan Gets to See His Favorite Team Play for First Time Through Special Glasses

He had been attending Nebraska Cornhuskers games since he was a child.

Jamey Dougall, of Scottsdale, Arizona, has always been a Nebraska Cornhuskers fan, but he has never been able to see a game – until now.

Dougall, 37, is legally blind. He grew up watching the university’s football games, but he could never see what was happening. He fed off the energy of the crowd and relied on the announcer to keep up, he said.

In April, he purchased $10,000 eSight electronic glasses, a technological breakthrough that allows the blind to see through LED screens embedded in the lenses.

“Until this happened I had no idea I was ever going to see a game,” Dougall told

When he was an infant, doctors realized Dougall had no vision in his right eye and very minimal sight in his left. He underwent 20 surgeries by the time he was 5 years old.

He bought the glasses after raising money through GoFundMe, and on Oct. 20, he saw his first game as the Huskers played against the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

“I have been to several games as a kid growing up, but I wasn’t able to see anything other than the green field,” Dougall said. “It was incredible. I was able to watch it on the scoreboard. I was able to be right down on the field. Tunnel walk has a whole different meaning for me. I started to tear up.”

Although he said watching the game was amazing, the best thing about the glasses is being able to see the faces of his wife and kids. 

“It’s emotional,” the father of two said. “I am doing things now I never thought I would get to do in my life.”