Blue Light Flashes Across New York City Skies but Aliens Are Not to Blame, Police Say

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An eerie blue light lit up New York City skies on Thursday night, prompting police to reassure residents an alien invasion was not underway. 

Authorities said an electrical explosion was to blame for the flashes of light, which could be seen for miles around the Astoria, Queens-based ConEd power substation. No one was injured.

"Confirming incident in Astoria was result of transformer explosion," the New York Police Department tweeted shortly after. "No injuries, no fire, no evidence of extraterrestrial activity."

That didn't stop social media from being sent into a frenzy over the azure sky. 

The explosion triggered "a brief electrical fire," causing some short-lived power outages nearby, according to ConEd. LaGuardia Airport was forced to use generators during the blackout and some flights were diverted or delayed as a result.

Flights were operating as normal Friday morning.


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