New York Man Finds $10,000 at Subway Station and Gives It to Police

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A New York man is being praised after he found $10,000 inside a purse during his commute and returned the money to police.

Richard Taverna, 63, told CBS News he didn’t even think about keeping the money after he found it lying up against a wall on the northbound 1 subway train platform.

“I noticed there was a purse sitting on the floor,” Taverna said. “I figured maybe there was an address or something in there, and all I saw was a piece of paper with something Russian on it.”

Inside, Taverna said there was an envelope with a big stack of money inside.

Police are now searching for the owner who had already reported the money missing to police as she was on her way to Russia, according to reports.

“There was never any question about keeping it,” he added. “You know obviously it was the right thing to do.”


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