Man Gets Arrested For Throwing Money Off Roof: Authorities

Police said the incident caused public disorder.

A man was arrested for allegedly making it rain money from the top of a building in Hong Kong

Authorities believe Wong Ching Kit was behind the plan to throw money from a rooftop in one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods on Saturday, Reuters reported. He was arrested on Sunday by police who accused him of creating public disorder.

Video of the incident shows bank notes falling from the sky and people on the street running to grab the flying cash. He reportedly dropped an estimated $25,000.

Ching Kit is the owner of Epoch Cryptocurrency, a Facebook page that promotes digital currency investment.

Video of the incident was also posted to his business page on Saturday with the caption, “Does anyone of you believe that money can fall from the sky?"

On Sunday, Ching Kit showed up to the same area in a luxury car and attempted to hand out more money, but police showed up and arrested him, Reuters reported.

When asked by a local reporter if he was behind the previous day stunt, he responded, “I have no comment.”

He remained in jail Monday morning, according to reports.