Boat Owners and 1st Mate Who Survived Terrifying Yacht Fire Off New Hampshire Coast Speak Out

Extraordinary video captured the raging inferno on the 70-foot yacht. Diane and Kitt Watson, along with first mate Jarrod Tubbs, say there was little they could do besides grab their dogs and jump overboard.

Three people who escaped a terrifying fire on their boat are speaking out about the ordeal.

Diane and Kitt Watson and first mate, Jarrod Tubbs, lived on the beautiful 70-foot yacht named “Too Elusive” before it was consumed in an inferno. They say they feared for the their lives.

“Everything was just burning so fast — so fast! You had to jump,” Diane told Inside Edition.

They were heading back to port in New Hampshire when the blaze broke out. 

“The fire just ignited and engulfed the whole boat in flames,” Kitt said. Extraordinary video captured the raging inferno with plumes of smoke billowing out.

“Your first thought is life jackets, [but] you can’t, because it’s on fire. Second thought is the raft. You can’t, it’s on fire,” Diane said.

They knew they had to save themselves, and their dogs Pahma and Nancy. 

“We grabbed the dogs, jumped off and swam away. That’s the best we could,” Kitt said.

They were rescued by a local lobsterman and could only watch from a distance as their cherished yacht went up in smoke.

They lost everything and are staying with family until they can figure out what to do for a home.

“I’m just so grateful we got out alive,” Diane said.

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