Bode Miller's Wife Shares Ultrasound of New Baby Boy With 'Angel' of Dead Sister

Morgan Miller shared the 3D ultrasound image taken just days after her daughter drowned.

The wife of Olympian skier Bode Miller posted an ultrasound image of her new son taken only five days after their toddler daughter drowned in a swimming pool.

Morgan Miller says the photo shows her boy, and the "angel" of his dead sister, protecting him. 

"5 days after losing her, I reluctantly had the ultrasound tech come check on the baby growing in my belly," she wrote Sunday on her post. "To step into my future without my daughter felt like a dagger to my heart. How can life change so quickly?" she said.

She declined the tech's offer of a 3D image. But he took one anyway, saying he had the perfect angle. 

"He looked so much like my other babies, just like Bode with that sweet nose and those full lips," she wrote. "But as quickly as I saw this new baby, my eyes moved to the angel lying to the right of his face, holding him, arms around his neck. Almost as if to say, 'It’s okay. I’m here.'''

 The Millers lost their 19-month-old daughter, Emmy, in June, when she fell into a neighbor's pool. Her mother's post came on what would have been her second birthday.

Morgan also shared a photo of the couple's new son, who arrived Oct. 5.

Morgan Miller/Instagram

The mother had previously posted this image of her in the hospital with Emmy, taken in the child's final moments.

Morgan Miller/Instagram