Bodycam Footage in Patrick Lyoya Shooting Shows Cop Shoot Michigan Man in Head After They Struggle Over Taser

Patrick Lyoya was fatally shot in the head after a Grand Rapids police officer pulled the car he was driving over because its license plates were not registered to that vehicle.

Bodycam video was released earlier this week of the moments leading up to the death of 26-year-old Michigan man Patrick Lyoya, who was killed after a Grand Rapids police officer shot him in the back of the head.  

The shooting occurred after the officer pulled Lyoya over because the license plates on the car he was in were not registered to that vehicle.  

“Hey, stay in the car. Stay in the car,” the officer can be heard telling Lyoya. “Do you have a driver's license? Do you speak English? Can I see your license?”   

“What did I do wrong?” Lyoya asks.  

“The plate doesn’t belong on this car. Do you have a license or no? Do you have a driver's license?” 

Lyoya said he did have a license and that it was in the car. After being told to get it, Lyoya can be seen speaking to someone in the passenger’s seat, but then closes the door and starts to walk away.  

After Lyoya started to walk away from the car, the cop ordered him to put his hands where he could see him.  

Lyoya began to run, and the officer radioed for help, the footage shows.  

The officer tackles Lyoya and a struggle ensued. They struggle for control of the officer’s Taser and the officer reaches for his gun.  

Lyoya was face down on the ground, with the officer on his back, when the cop shot him in the head, killing him.   

The killing has led to massive protests in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The police said the investigation is ongoing.

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