Suzanne Morphew’s Husband Asked if a Mountain Lion Could Be Why She Was Missing, Police Bodycam Footage Shows


"Lion? Was it a mountain lion?" Barry Morphew asked officers, newly-released bodycam footage showed.

The first moment police came into contact with Barry Morphew in the wake of his wife Suzanne Morphew's disappearance was captured on newly-released bodycam footage, officials said. Barry Morphew is currently under suspicion for murdering his wife, Suzanne Morphew.

Suzanne went missing on Mother’s Day in 2020. Her body has never been found and she is presumed dead.

The footage shows Morphew being comforted by a friend after police find his missing wife’s mountain bike. “Where was her bike?” he could be seen asking the cop.

“It was, like, just right down here in this little embankment,” the police officer responded.

Another friend then arrives and hugs Morphew, as shown in the footage.

Then, Morphew seems to float a theory and asks the officer, “Was it a crash?” 

“The way it was laying, it kind of looked like it but there’s not really that much damage to the bike,” the cop said. 

Morphew then asks, “Lion? Was it a mountain lion?”

Later on in the footage, authorities began to ask him some hard-hitting questions, like where he was at 5 a.m., and whether she told him she would be going biking.

“She bikes every day,” Morphew responded. 

The cop then asked, “So, she was asleep in the bed when you left. Did you say bye or anything?”

“No, she was sound asleep,” he said. 

Morphew later told the officer, “I’ve been in Denver for … I got a big job up there. I’ve been there all day.”

Officers later bring dogs to sniff Suzanne's clothing for a scent. “When we go inside, let’s just go directly to where something that she’s worn today and let’s not touch anything just in case,” a cop could be heard saying on the footage.

Morphew then gives them a plastic bag from the kitchen for the clothing.

Officers earlier also met the boyfriend of one of their daughters, who tells them, “I think they’ve had some problems … yeah in the past … normal husband and wife-type deal.” 

The boyfriend also told them that the Morphews had considered separating.

Morphew was arrested for his wife’s murder in May 2021 and is set to go to trial in May 2022. He is currently out on bail. He has pleaded not guilty.

His daughters maintain they believe their father is innocent.

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