Boston Home Uses Open-Bathroom Concept in New Condo Listing

Nichols Realty Team | Boston Trust Realty Group
Nichols Realty Team | Boston Trust Realty Group

This Boston condo on the market for $899,000 features an open-room concept.

They always said don't go where you eat. Well, what about where you sleep?

A Boston condo on the market for $899,000 features a modern open-kitchen with new countertops and stainless steel appliances. 

But, as you walk upstairs to the master suite you will find a bedroom –– or is it a bathroom? Perhaps, it is both?

Realtor Robert Nichols had seen open-concept showers before, but never a toilet, Boston Magazine reported.

"I was like, 'Man, was this designed for an exhibitionist?' That literally was my first thought," Nichols told the outlet. 

“But you know what? It could work if folks, you know, don’t mind having it open like that and just can live freely and enjoy it to its full potential.”

Potential buyers are equally as skeptical.

“The majority just felt like they were having a hard time really trying to visualize themselves living in that space,” he says.

Over the next few weeks, Nichols will continue to test out the waters. But, he says, they might soon offer to rebuild the wall and door themselves.

The open-door bathroom concept has been rising in popularity over the years. Years ago, they first appeared in hotels but the risky design concept has had trouble gaining momentum in homes.

Nearly two years ago, a Philadelphia home captured the public's attention when its floor plan showed no signs of doors. 

Some called it, "the type of toilet I see in my nightmares," the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.