Mannequins Fill This Lake Tahoe, California Home Selling for Over Half a Million

This Lake Tahoe home is selling for $650,000.

This Lake Tahoe home listed on Zillow has dozens of mannequins inside of it.

If you are interested in buying a home in Lake Tahoe, now is apparently the time to do it. The market is flourishing and city-dwellers are retreating to the more desolate, scenic vacation spot.

One home in the beloved ski town is selling for just over half-a-million dollars, but if you plan to visit don't be startled.

Over the last week, realtor Jesse Yohnka has been showing promising buyers the quaint California home, listed at $650,000 on 

When he did an initial tour of the home, he was in for a surprise.

"The first time I walked into the home, I jumped," Yohnka said. "I thought they were alive!"

"They're mannequins!" realtor Jesse Yohnka told Inside Edition Digital. 

What Yohnka walked into was a house full of nearly 30 mannequins belonging to the fashion-designer tenant who has lived there for nearly 23 years.

"I had to do a whole scan around the corner, to make sure they weren't real," he said. 

But quickly, Yohnka and the real estate photographer saw the mannequins as an opportunity to give life to the otherwise undecorated home, lined with green carpeting and older furniture.

As a realtor hoping to make a sell, Yohnka found the eclectic layout abound with glitzy mannequins dressed in bedazzled dresses to be an asset when buyers would come to visit.

"There will be haters who critique my pictures. But I think they are beautiful. My cameraman enjoyed shooting those rooms."

The price of homes in the Lake Tahoe area is going up and the owner of the house is looking to take advantage of the competitive market. The tenant will likely be forced to move out when an offer is made.

"All the Bay Area money is coming here," he said. "It's crazy now."

Yohnka has already done thirteen viewings and received two offers on the home.