Boy, 4, Has Adorable Photo Shoot With His Favorite Baby Doll

He loves the doll.
Ashley Mae Photography

Jynsen Fitz, 4, asked his mom, Ashley Fitz, late last month if she could take photos of him with his doll.

A 4-year-old from Indiana cradled his favorite baby doll in an adorable photo shoot.

Jynsen Fitz, 4, asked his mom, Ashley Fitz, owner of Ashley Mae Photography, if she could take photos of him and his baby doll, named Three, late last month and the results were priceless. Fitz posted the photos to social media, where they went viral.

“He was happy. After he saw the photos, he said they were ‘bootiful,’” Fitz told

Jynsen originally picked out Three after his dad had to deploy in January 2018.

“I took them to Walmart to pick up something. He went over to the doll section and said he wanted that specific baby and he picked a stroller for her and a bottle,” Fitz said.

At the time, Jynsen and the doll were inseparable.

“I think that he missed his dad a lot and maybe he transferred that love over to the baby doll,” Fitz said.

Now, Jynsen still takes Three out on occasion.

“He takes her on his dirt bike and rides her around,” Fitz added

The mom thinks kids, no matter their gender, should be able to play with whatever toys make them happy.

“I do think it’s important for boys to be themselves and not feel like they have to play with a certain thing,” she said. “I don’t like the typical stereotype that says girls should be playing with the dolls and little boys should be playing with trucks or cars. I think that needs to change.”