5 Toddlers Born Within 2-Week Span Have Adorable Photo Shoot Every Year

The girls have been involved in the shoots for years.
Shutter Darling Photography

A group of five toddler girls born within a two-week span of one another get together each year for an epic photo shoot

The girls — Aurora, Olive, Haven, Lyla and Aubrey — are all 3 years old and their moms all know each other and happened to give birth around the same time. So they started shooting photos to mark their milestones together. 

Photographer and mom Alex Bolen, 26, shot the group’s photographs every three months for the first year of their lives. They are now shooting once a year in honor of their birthdays.

“I just thought all of them born within two weeks was too big of a coincidence to pass up a fun project,” Bolen told InsideEdition.com. 

The little girls get along as well and two of them, Olive and Haven, are best friends born on the same day. 

While it’s been a bit tough to capture them all through the years, Bolen said this year was the easiest. 

This year’s theme? The '70s, including flower crowns and bell bottoms 

“This year was actually amazing! We did music and some ice cream bribery!” Bolen added. 


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