Boy Has Brain Damage After Being Attacked by Bully at School, Lawsuit Says

The boy, far right, was choked and suffered seizures, a lawsuit says.
The boy, far right, lost consciousness after the alleged attack, a lawsuit says.Geragos and Geragos Law Firm

The boy, who was 12 at the time, was choked and suffered seizures, according to lawsuit.

A California mother has sued a Los Angeles charter school, claiming her son was left with permanent brain and spinal injuries after a fellow student bullied and choked him last year.

The woman alleges her son, who was 12 at the time, was grabbed by the neck in an attack that was captured on surveillance video, according to the lawsuit.

The video, which was released by her attorney, appears to show a boy being choked and shoved against a wall as other students mill about. The suit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, says the boy was "brutally assaulted and strangled" in January 2018.

The mom, who asked not to be identified, claims administrators at the Animo Westside Middle School didn't do enough to protect her child.

The suit alleges the child suffered seizures and lost consciousness after he was choked.

"At every step of the way this school did the wrong thing," attorney Ben Meiselas told Monday. 

In a statement sent to Monday, Green Dot Public Schools, the organization that runs the charter school, said, "In January 2018, we were notified of this incident involving two students in an after-school program at one of our schools. We were, and continue to be, concerned with the family and former student’s needs at this time.

"We take seriously the safety of all our students and quickly address bullying. We launched an internal investigation and took steps to ensure that all students were safe in school and in any after-school programs. We are always committed to working to ensure all our students receive a quality education in a safe environment where they can learn and grow.

"We have not received communication on pending litigation from the attorney identified in the media coverage, and to our knowledge, we have not been served with a complaint," the statement concluded.