Boyfriend of Woman Who Died While Screaming 'Bye Miami' Says He Lost 'Future Wife'

Mariah Logan was headed home to Chicago when the freak accident happened.

The boyfriend of a Miami woman who died while hanging out of car yelling “Bye Miami” is grieving her loss.

Mariah Logan was killed on her way to Miami International Airport Sunday after spending spring break in the city. 

“Mariah was a beautiful soul, loved life, love to sing, loved to smile and loved helping others,” her boyfriend, Ray Olden, told “She was just a bright light that made everyone's lives better.”

Logan was riding with her friends on State Route 112 while hanging out the back window when she fell out and was hit by a Range Rover.

The driver then fled the scene. Police are investigating the incident as a homicide. 

Logan’s friends in the car — Trina Frazier, 24; Aaliyah Frazier, 23; and Kenyatta Burch, 23 — reportedly dialed Olden as soon as the tragedy happened. 

Olden also said the couple had the next five years of their lives together “mapped out.”

“She will be missed on so many levels because she brought so many things to everyone's life,” Olden said.

“I lost a future wife.”


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