Woman, 23, Dies on Vacation While Screaming 'Bye Miami' as She Hung Out of Car on Way to Airport

Mariah Logan was headed home to Chicago when the freak accident happened.

She was “hanging out” of the rear passenger window and the unthinkable happened. 

A 23-year-old was killed in a freak accident as she fell out of a moving vehicle while yelling “Bye Miami.”

Mariah Logan had spent three days in the city with her friends on spring break and was heading back to Miami International Airport to return to Chicago early Sunday morning, according to reports. She was “hanging out” of the rear passenger window when the unthinkable happened. 

“Bye Miami!” Logan screamed and moments later she fell out the window onto State Route 112 and was hit by a Range Rover that had been driving by their rented Hyundai Accent, the Sun Sentinel reported. 

The truck fled the scene. Authorities are investigating the death as a homicide.

“She was just being silly. She loved life,” her boyfriend, Ray Olden, told the Miami Herald about Logan's final moments on Monday.

Logan’s friends in the car — Trina Frazier, 24, Aaliyah Frazier, 23, and Kenyatta Burch, 23 — reportedly dialed Olden as soon as the tragedy happened. 

“The moment it happened, saying that my baby was gone, fell out the window and was hit by a car,” Olden told the paper. “I started screaming and they were crying and said they had to call her sisters and that they were so sorry.”

Olden also said how the couple had the next five years of their lives together “mapped out.”

“It’s not real yet,” Olden said.