Brandt Jean Slammed by Some for Hugging Ex-Cop Convicted of Murdering His Brother

Brandt Jean forgave Amber Guyger in a stunning moment caught on video. But not everyone is happy.

It was the hug that shocked the nation, and it is being both praised and chastised on social media. 

The brother of Botham Jean stunned the country when he asked the Texas judge Wednesday afternoon if he could hug the cop who killed his sibling.

As Amber Guyger was sentenced to 10 years behind bars for the slaying of Botham, his 18-year-old brother, Brandt, showed compassion that left the courtroom in tears. 

He asked to hug Guyger, insisting that is what his brother, a devout Christian, would have wanted.
The gesture is being praised as extraordinary act of forgiveness.

On “The View” Whoopi Goldberg said what Brandt did was a display that proves “that is a Christian.” 

The Dallas Police Department said in a tweet that “Botham Jean’s brother’s request to hug Amber Guyger and Judge Kemp’s gift of her Bible to Amber represent a spirit of forgiveness, faith and trust. In this same spirit, we want to move forward in a positive direction with the community.”

CBS correspondent David Begnaud tweeted “don’t think I’ve ever seen this before.” 

But the hug is also being criticized.

Comedian DL Hughley tweeted “I didn’t see one member of #AmberGuygers family asking for forgiveness from #BothamJeans family!”

Bishop Talbert Swan called it “disgusting” on Twitter. 

Film critic Rebecca Theodore-Vachon said, “All I know is if you’re going to share those clips of Amber Guyger getting hugs you damn well better have the same energy for that clip of Botham Jean’s mother calling out police corruption.”

Inside Edition spoke with Brandt's parents, who say that they did not know what their son was going to say when he took the stand during the sentencing phase of the trial.

"No one knew this was happening," his mom said. "It was not rehearsed or anything."

She said when she saw the hug "it was emotional," but she added, "This is how my kids were brought up, I taught them forgiveness."

She said that Botham "meant the world" to his younger brother.

The judge also hugged Guyger, which made many angry.

Journalist Jemele Hill wrote “How Botham Jean’s brother chooses to grieve is his business. He’s entitled to that. But this judge choosing to hug this woman is unacceptable.”

Author and podcast host Toure tweeted: “Amber Guyger is a racist convicted murderer. Why does she get a sweet, caring hug from the judge?”