Brazen Robbers Try to Rob ATM by Blowing It Up

A woman has been arrested after surveillance footage captured two people placing an explosive inside the ATM's cash slot.

A Philadelphia woman has been arrested after police said she and an unidentified accomplice blew up an ATM inside a beer store Wednesday night.

While dangerous and destructive, the blast at Kenny’s Place in Kensington was ultimately unsuccessful, as not a single dollar left the machine, police said. Thankfully, no one was injured as a result of the blast.

Surveillance footage captured the smoky scene.

“It was so loud,” an employee of the beer store told KYW. "It just literally shook the whole building.”

According to authorities, a man was captured on surveillance camera entering the store with what bomb technicians later identified an M-1000 explosive.

"M-1000s are similar to quarter sticks of dynamite due to their size," police said in a statement. “These devices generally consist of a heavy cardboard tube, sealed at both ends, filled with an explosive, with a hobby fuse wick inserted.”

He then exited the store to chat with a woman who was in the store earlier, authorities said. She then re-entered the store, placed the explosive in the discharge slot of the ATM. After lighting the device, she was seen in surveillance footage running out.

Cameras outside the store showed nearly a dozen bystanders running after the explosion.

“I was outside my block smoking a cigarette and I just heard a big boom,” said Luisa Moreno, who was across the street during the explosion. “I almost fell off my seat.”

The blast was so powerful that it ripped off the front of the ATM, but wasn’t able to penetrate the safe.

Police said the unidentified suspects were seen dashing back into the shop and searching the scene, then fleeing before police arrived.

Authorities are still on the lookout for the woman's accomplice, and said anyone with more information should contact police.

According to reports, this is the fourth ATM explosion this month.