Florida Deputy Lucky to Be Alive After Heart-Pounding High-Speed Chase That Ends With Gunfire

Gavin Werner was allegedly shot at by a suspect following the chase outside Palm Beach

An already unbelievable police chase in Florida turned even more dire last week when authorities say a suspect opened fire on a deputy.

Deputy Gavin Werner with the Martin County Sheriff's Office was part of the pursuit of Juan Carmenate when the suspect's vehicle is shown in aerial footage making a 360-degree turn in a field.

As he speeds back toward officers at the side of the road, the suspect allegedly fired shots at Werner's vehicle.

A bullet came within inches of Werner, police say.

After the shots were allegedly fired, police say Carmenate crashed into another deputy’s vehicle.

Werner told WPEC that's when he left the relative safety of his vehicle to pursue Carmenate.

Werner and other officers surrounded Carmenate, ordered him out of the vehicle and placed him under arrest. 

It was the first time he'd been shot at, Werner said. And hopefully the last. 

“I am just glad to be here and everybody is safe and the suspect is in jail,” he said.

Carmenate reportedly already faced charges in Palm Beach County and now Martin County officials say they plan to tack on three counts of attempted murder.