Brazen Thieves Steal Shark From San Antonio Aquarium, Carry It Away in Baby Stroller

Thankfully the shark was returned safely.

A "sharknapping" has been solved!

A gray horn shark, named Miss Helen, was stolen from the San Antonio Aquarium over the weekend, but the fish was later returned and an unidentified man was arrested. 

Surveillance video captured the suspect walking away with the female shark wrapped in a blanket. The man then allegedly pushed the animal, which is less than a-year-old, out of the aquarium in a stroller on Saturday after taking it from its tank.

He reportedly told police that he’d previously had a horn shark himself, but it died.

“More than likely it was something that he wanted,” Leon Valley Police Chief Joseph Salvaggio said of the man at a press conference on Monday.

Thankfully, the Miss Helen is in good condition, but will remain under observation for a few days.

Tips led police to the home of the suspect after authorities publicly released a video of the theft and said they were looking for two men and a woman. 

"Initially they were going to show us an old receipt for this type of shark, but it was obviously doctored and the jig was up," Salvaggio said.

When police found the shark in the man’s house, Salvaggio said they were surprised to find an entire aquarium full of marine animals.

“[He] very much knew what he was doing and kept that animal alive, and was able to continue seeing that animal thrive, which was pretty shocking," Salvaggio added. 

The 38-year-old man faces a charge of theft between $750 and $2,500, police said. Police expect to charge two others in connection with the theft.

Federal charges may also be brought because transporting the shark requires a permit.

“We have a lot to do, but we’re happy tonight to get the shark back home,” Salvaggio said.