The Breakdown Episode 5: Did a Werewolf Terrorize a Wisconsin Town for 2 Years?

Join host Luke Mones for unexpected stories on Episode 5 of The Breakdown.

What was the strange beast that terrorized a Wisconsin town for two years? And did aliens tamper with an car battery?

Join host Luke Mones as he explores stories of the unexpected on Episode 5 of The Breakdown.

He revisits a 1993 Inside Edition story about "The Beast of Bray Road," and checks in with the woman who first investigated the eerie tale.

And he chats with an producer who camped out with a support group for alien abductees. She reveals what happened when the camera was switched off.

After a mom captured a creature that resembles Dobby the House Elf on her driveway, we put her theory to the test.

For all this and more, including your comments, watch Episode 5 of The Breakdown above.

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