The Breakdown Episode 8: See How People React to This Man's Emotional Support Gator, Wally

Playing The Breakdown: Meet the Dog That Paints and the Gator That Hugs

On this week's episode of The Breakdown, host Luke Mones introduces you to animals changing people's lives.

First, there's DogVinci, the beret-wearing dog inspiring fans of all ages with his abstract painting skills. Luke interviews him in The Breakdown studio to find out more about his process.

Then we revisit a story about an unlikely emotional support animal: Wally the alligator. Luke speaks with Inside Edition's Steven Fabian, who covered the story, to find out what the locals really think of Wally.

Afterward, Luke is inspired to find his own best friend and, in the Comments Section, he takes you on a tour of the studio and newsroom.

For more, watch The Breakdown above, and come back to on Monday to watch the full DogVinci report.


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