Bride Surprised on Her Wedding Day by Camel Wearing a Bow Tie

A Nebraska couple gave a whole new meaning to 'hump day' as they had a camel dressed in formal attire at their wedding.

A Nebraska bride got the surprise of a lifetime when a camel attended her wedding while dressed in formal attire. 

Marcus Brown and Ruth Hillbran exchanged vows on Wednesday at Omaha's Bridge North Chapel and the sly groom invited several animals to the wedding as a surprise, including Zebediah T. Camel, who served as the "Camel of Honor."

Also in attendance were three donkeys that were bridesmaids. 

Zebediah arrived out of the trailer that brought him to the church and was given a massive 32-inch necktie. Brown wanted to surprise his bride because Zeb is her favorite animal when they visit a local animal farm. 

"When [Zebediah] sees Marcus and Ruth come to the ranch, he usually comes running to the fence," Joy Bartling of Scatter Joy Acres told KETV. "He knows they have treats for him."

"Oh, it's hump day, there's a camel," she told KETV about the moment she saw the animal. “I had no idea!”