Bride's Horse Steals the Show with Toothy Grin in Wedding Photos

Bride Patti Womer said having the horses walk her down the aisle was her way of honoring her late father.

The only ones happier than the blushing bride on her wedding day were a pair of horses, Dutch and Cricket.

Bride Patti Womer had her two pet horses escort her down the aisle at her Mt. Pleasant Mills, Pa., wedding in September.

And, it seems Cricket’s crooked smile stole the show.

“It looked funny because her teeth were out,” Womer told “Both [horses] have always been part of my life. It really didn’t matter to me if they got the attention.”

She explained she and her dad had gotten the horses together when she was 8 years old.

When her dad died last year, Womer thought it would be a good way of honoring him at his wedding.

“I wanted to represent my dad,” she said. “[My horses] walked both of us down until I got off, and my uncle walked me down [the rest of the way].”

When her wedding photographer Tony Bendele took portraits of her and the horses, Cricket couldn’t seem to hold back her joy for the lawfully wedded couple.

“It was out of the blue,” Bendele told “It was spur of the moment. I love it. You see a lot of expression in animals.”

Womer, who speculated the horse was just in the middle of shaking her head, said she’s excited to find a place to hang the portrait in her home.