Britany Barron Tearfully Testifies Husband Shot Her Co-Worker, Made Her Behead Him, Over Texts They Exchanged

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Armando Barron suspected his wife, Britany, was having an affair with her 25-year-old co-worker Jonathan Amerault, officials said.

The wife of a New Hampshire man accused of killing her co-worker and then forcing her to behead him testified that she did not shoot her co-worker, but that it was her husband who pulled the trigger, and that both she and the victim were assaulted by her husband in the hours before the killing. 

Armando Barron, 32, now on trial for murder, suspected his wife, Britany Barron, was having an affair with her 25-year-old co-worker Jonathan Amerault, who was nicknamed “Abercrombie” because of his good looks, officials said.

Prosecutors said Armando Barron beat his wife after he found text messages that she had exchanged with Amerault in September 2020.

"Don't do anything stupid or the girls are going to walk into something (expletive) gruesome," Britany testified he said to her as they left their home. He sent the couple's three children to their grandmother's home next door, she said.

She said they then went to a New Hampshire state park, Armando Barron reading the texts she and Amerault had sent each other aloud on the way there. After finishing each text, Armando Barron would hit her, she testified. 

Armando Barron then allegedly used his wife's phone to lure Amerault to the park. 

When Amerault arrived, Armando allegedly beat and kicked him and forced his wife to stand on his neck and slit his wrists, prosecutors said. He also tried forcing his wife to shoot Amerault, but she refused, prosecutors said.  

Eventually, Armando Barron forced Amerault into the back of his own car and after some time, Armando Barron got into the car and shot Amerault three times, Britany testified. After forcing Britany to drive Amerault's car back to their own home to get supplies and then to a remote campsite about 200 miles north, Armando Barron then made his wife cut off Amerault's head, she testified. 

He forced her to bury the head and wrap the body in a tarp, and then left her to dispose of the body on her own, Britany testified.

She testified that her husband wanted the victim decapitated so authorities would be unable to use dental records to identify his body. 

The body was soon found by New Hampshire Fish and Game officers in a swamp after they found Britany at a campsite where she was not allowed to be, according to CBS News.

Britany has denied ever having an affair with Amerault.

She said that she and Amerault became better acquainted while working on a project in the days before his death. They communicated over text and social media, she said. The pair shared a quick kiss in one instance and another during a work break the day before Armando Barron discovered the texts, Britany testified. 

"I said I couldn't offer anything more than friendship," she testified. When asked if she wanted to start a relationship with Amerault, she said: "I thought there might have been potential, but I wasn't planning on a relationship," according to the video of her testimony, CBS News reported.

She pleaded guilty last year to falsifying evidence and agreed to testify at her husband's trial.

She apologized to the victim's family for her actions.

Armando Barron has pleaded not guilty to murder. His attorney have said Britany was the actual killer.

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