British Woman Survives 10 Hours at Sea After Falling off Cruise Ship


She floated and sang to keep herself awake.

A British woman miraculously survived in the ocean for 10 hours after falling off a cruise ship.

Kay Longstaff, 46, told Croatian news station HRT that she was spotted by the Coast Guard hours after falling off the back deck of the Norwegian Star at around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday. 

She was rescued from the Adriatic Sea at 9:45 a.m. Sunday and is currently in stable condition, a spokesperson from Norwegian said. 

"I fell off of the back of Norwegian Star and I was in the water for 10 hours," Longstaff told HRT. "So these wonderful guys rescued me. ... I am very lucky to be alive."

It’s not clear what caused the fall. 

Longstaff, who is a flight attendant, had some emergency training, which may have helped her, a Croatian Coast Guard member told ABC News. She said she floated most of the time and sang to keep herself awake.

It also helped that water temperatures were reportedly 75 degrees Fahrenheit. 

"We were lucky," Capt. Lovro Oreskovic, lead rescuer, told ABC News. "When she saw us, she immediately raised her hands and waved."

Longstaff is is expected to be released from the hospital Monday.