Brittany Zamora Reports to Perryville Prison, Where She'll Do Time Alongside Jodi Arias

Brittany Zamora reported to prison on July 17 to begin her 20-year sentence for sexually abusing a 13-year-old student. 
Arizona Department of Corrections

Brittany Zamora reported to prison Wednesday to begin her 20-year sentence for sexually abusing a 13-year-old student

Zamora had pleaded guilty to sexual conduct with a minor, as well as other reduced charges of public indecency and molestation, according to court records, for having an ongoing sexual relationship with the teen boy in her class at Las Brisas Academy in Goodyear, Arizona. 

Zamora will serve her time at the Perryville prison complex, which houses several other infamous inmates, including Jodi Arias, who was convicted of killing her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander in a brutal knife attack that left him with nearly 30 stab wounds. She also shot him in the head. 

There are also three inmates on death row: Wendi Andriano, who was convicted of her husband's murder; Shawna Forde, who, together with others, killed a father and his daughter during a home invasion; and Sammantha Allen, who, with her husband, John, killed her 10-year-old cousin by locking her in a trunk for taking an ice pop without permission.

Zamora was arrested in March 2018 after the victim's stepmother discovered that he and Zamora had sent each other suggestive and sexual messages and texts. When she confronted her stepson, he told her he had sexual contact with Zamora, according to authorities.

The two had fondled each other in the back of her classroom while the other students watched an educational video, and they had had sex in the empty room while a friend kept watch outside, according to court documents.

At her sentencing, a tearful Zamora said she was ashamed for what she did. "I am a good and genuine person who made a mistake and regret it deeply," she said. "I lived my life respecting and trying to obey every law. I'm not a threat to society." 

Zamora added that while in prison she will pursue a new degree so she can have a new career once she's out.

She will spend the rest of her life on probation and must also register as a sex offender. She will receive credit for the more than 400 days she has already spent behind bars.


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