Co-Worker Says She's Not Surprised Teacher Was Accused of Sleeping With Student

Brittany Zamora allegedly had sex with a 13-year-old student four times.

A former co-worker of teacher Brittany Zamora, who's accused of having sex with a 13-year-old student, told Inside Edition she wasn't surprised by the allegations. 

Zamora, 28, allegedly had sex four times with the boy, who is not being identified. Those instances include once in her own classroom in Goodyear, Arizona, while she told another student to stand guard to make sure nobody intruded, according to authorities.

Police also released notes they say were passed between the teacher and the student. "U R sexy!" allegedly reads one. 

In an exclusive interview, Christina Alvarez, who worked with Zamora at Littleton Elementary School in Avondale, Arizona, where Zamora worked prior to being hired at the school where the alleged sexual encounters occurred, said she wasn't shocked. 

"I'm not too surprised," Alvarez told Inside Edition. "I always wondered about it. ... I'd seen that she was very friendly and hands-on with the boys from the sports that she coached."

Alvarez said that Zamora didn't keep her distance from the students the way she should have. 

"She really pushed to become a coach for the boys' teams," said Alvarez. "... It just makes me think about ... how many other students she may have had unnecessary interactions with."

Russ Richelsoph of the Davis Miles law firm in Arizona, who represents the seventh-grader and his family, told Inside Edition his clients feel it's important that Zamora be held accountable for her alleged actions. 

"They want Brittany Zamora to pay a price to society and they want society to be protected from Brittany Zamora," he said. "They don't want Brittany Zamora to be able to victimize any more children."

Zamora is being held at a Maricopa County jail on a $250,000 bond. She has pleaded not guilty to multiple charges, including sexual conduct with a minor. Her next court date is scheduled for May.