Bruce Lee's Daughter Says He Would Be Mad if He Could See 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' Portrayal

Shannon Lee told Inside Edition her father was an inspiration to many and deserves better.

Bruce Lee's daughter found it "extremely uncomfortable" to see her dad portrayed in the new movie "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood."

Shannon Lee told Inside Edition many people in the theater were laughing during a scene in which her dad gets beat up by Brad Pitt's character and she's blaming director Quentin Tarantino for it. 

“I felt like the portrayal of him was a caricature and did not reflect who he was as a human being," she said, explaining that she felt her dad could have been included in the film without being "the punchline of a joke."

She added she believes her martial arts icon father “would be so mad" if he saw the portrayal. 

Bruce was a trailblazer in his craft, according to Shannon. “To me, he is, what I think he is to a lot of people in the world, which is an inspiration,” she said. 

And Shannon isn't alone in her feelings. The Los Angeles Times reported that Shannon's mother and Bruce’s widow, Linda Lee Cadwell, called her late husband’s portrayal “just awful.”

Tarantino has not responded to Shannon’s remarks but is known to revere Bruce. He paid homage to the martial arts icon when he dressed Uma Thurman in a yellow jumpsuit with black pinstripes in his film “Kill Bill: Volume 1,” a nod to what Bruce wore in “Game of Death.” 

But Shannon said that she wishes the filmmaker and producers reached out to her. 

“I understand Quentin Tarantino probably doesn’t want my opinion on how he should make his film," she said "... However, I am extremely confused by what the intent was.”