Bruno the Black Bear Becomes Social Media Star in 400-Mile Quest to Find a Mate

Bruno was first spotted on May 10 in Gillingham, Wisconsin.

A black bear dubbed "Bruno" is turning into a social media phenomenon as he treks through the United States in his search for a mate. Hundreds of people have been tracking his whereabouts every step of the way — and so far he's traveled more than 400 miles. 

Fans are posting photos and videos of Bruno sightings all over the country, including Grand Mound, Iowa, Troy, Missouri, and Barry, Illinois. 

Bruno was first spotted on May 10 in Gillingham, Wisconsin. He then trekked South, where he eventually swam across the Mississippi River into Missouri and was last seen Sunday in a suburb of St. Louis.

"It could be very well that in fact this American black bear, this boar, is on a quest to find a mate," said wildlife biologist Jeff Corwin."But there's also other reasons why this creature's essentially migrating. It could be because of environmental pressures, loss of resources or pressures from competition can also drive a bear out."

The beloved bear's journey came to a pause early Monday when, for his and the public's safety, he was humanely tranquilized by the Missouri Department of Conservation.