Couple Fights Bear That Broke Into Their Home

“I whacked the bear in the butt,” George Field told Inside Edition.

A Colorado couple had to do whatever they could to chase a bear and her two cubs out of their home Monday night. 

George Field and her partner, Jon Johnson, were watching TV when the bears came in. They heard rustling and went to investigate. They came face to face with a bear.

"I came running up the stairs, banging on the walls, making plenty of noise to give it a chance to exit," Johnson told Inside Edition. 

But the bear went after Johnson and attacked him, swiping at his chest.  

"She swatted me in the face and in turn I hit her in the nose. At that point, George was coming up behind me and I wanted to make sure the bear couldn’t get to her and we started playing a little sashay dancing," he said. 

Johnson's chest and arms are covered in claw marks and his nose was nearly taken off. 

As he wrestled the bear, his partner grabbed a baseball bat. 

“I whacked the bear in the butt,” she said. “All I remember is big brown fur.”

The bear turned and ran, leaving a head print in the wall.

"I am just so grateful he is OK,” George emotionally said.