Man Attacked by Kinkajou: 'It Sounded Like a 300-Pound Man Was Tackling Him'

"It kept coming back in," said witness Natalie Dulach.

A Florida man was attacked by a raccoon-like animal known as a kinkajou, which sank its claws into his leg as he tried to leave for work. 

Natalie Dulach, who lives in the apartment with the man, told WPEC that she heard a huge commotion in the kitchen on July 25 and ran out to see what was happening.

"It sounded like a 300-pound man was tackling him in the kitchen," Dulach said. "That’s why I thought somebody was breaking into my house. It scared me, to be honest."

She added that the animal was relentless, repeatedly running at the man, who was not identified.

"When he opened the door, it, like, charged at him, at his leg, and, like, clung to his leg and then he was trying to get it off of his leg," said Dulach. "And it kept coming back in."

Eventually the man was able to shake the animal off his leg and managed to lock it in the bathroom until help could arrive. The man was not grievously injured. 

It was a lesson in not feeding wildlife. According to WPEC, the man had fed the same animal some watermelon the night before the attack.

"Everybody is like, only in Florida,” Dulach said.